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Agency research focused on the home industry

2018/04/02 15:41
  Affected by the disclosure period of the annual report, the agency's recent research on the listed company's heat has declined. Oriental Fortune's Choice data shows that as of press time, 42 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen have disclosed their organizational research records last week. Among them, a number of home furnishing industry companies welcomed the agency to visit
Hollyph received a total of 69 institutional surveys last week, including several well-known fund companies such as the Southern Fund and Bank of Communications Schroder Fund. In the research activities, the company stated that custom cabinets and wooden doors are the most closely related categories for custom closets and will be introduced to the market in 2018. Among them, custom cabinets are used as closed-loop products for customized products in the whole house, and the products are expected to be listed in the first half of 2018. Custom wooden doors are the strategic focus and the products are expected to be listed in the second half of 2018.
In response to the year-on-year decrease in the company’s sales expense ratio in the 2017 annual report, Hollyph responded that the company’s sales expense ratio decreased year-on-year, which was mainly due to the change in the statistical coverage of sales expenses in 2017 and last year. Departments such as the company's building shop department and business school department originally incurred expenses and included sales expenses. In 2017, they operated as separate market-oriented departments. Their cost entry requirements were adjusted from sales expenses to other business costs.
Sophia received 60 institutional surveys last week. The company stated that in 2017, although the company was in a complex market economy environment intensified by market competition and influenced by the factors of price increase of raw materials, the gross margin of wardrobe and its accessories reached a record high. Up to 40% was mainly due to the digital transformation that reduced the company's production costs, increased production capacity, and further optimized management costs, resulting in a stable gross profit margin and a continuously rising net profit for the company.
For the future development plan, Sofia said that in 2018 the company plans to open 885 new stores, 60% of which will be opened before July. Since March, the company has implemented a new promotion policy. The effect is obvious. The number of orders received at Sofia stores has increased by 15%, and the number of orders received by Simi (brands of Sofia) has also increased by more than 50%.
In addition to the above-mentioned enterprises specializing in custom furniture, some smart home companies also received institutional surveys last week.
The Seagull House Workers received a survey of Everbright Securities last week. The company said that the company's smart home business was mainly promoted by Zhuhai Edison, a subsidiary of the New Third Board. In 2017, Zhuhai Edison launched new product development in the areas of security, elderly care, and smart door locks based on the existing heating and cooling system business channels, and focused on smart home systems. It is the company's second main business smart home business. Improve the broad market space.
According to the research report of Guojin Securities, the number of offline stores in domestic households is increasing rapidly. It is estimated that the capacity of single-category stores in the country should be around 3,750. In the long run, the difficulty of channel expansion will gradually increase. The development of multi-category and multi-brand will become the key to breaking the bottleneck of the company. Omni-channel integration is the future development trend of the home industry, but the current industry concentration is low, and it is expected that home companies can still achieve higher performance growth through channel expansion and category expansion in the next 3 to 5 years. It is recommended to focus on having channels, categories and Leading company with brand advantage.
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